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First Friday is a monthly arts, entertainment, and social "block party" held the first Friday of each month in the Downtown Area of Reading, PA.


A Brief History Of

These city-wide events may take on many purposes, including art gallery openings and social networking. American cities have promoted such events to bring people to historic areas perceived as dangerous, using the "safety in numbers" mentality to combat urban decay. In some cities this monthly event may occur on the first Saturday of each month instead of Friday. The First Friday of every month is very busy.


"First Fridays" is also a nationally recognized networking event targeting African American professionals held on the first Friday of every month in various cities throughout North America. These events started in 1987 and provide urban professionals an opportunity to socially network, exchange and share ideas on professional, educational, political and social issues.


WANTED: Artists (of all mediums), Musicians (of all genres), Poets, Food Vendors, and Volunteers. Sign up [here].


In the Press
Reading Eagle - 08/21/10 [Link]

BCTV - 12/01/10 [Link]

Reading Eagle - 12/04/10 [Link]

Berks County Geek - 01/04/00 [Link]

BCTV - 08/08/11 [Link]

Reading Eagle - 08/06/11 [Link]


Coming Soon!

First Friday Reading relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to have the event each month. First Friday Reading will gladly give the following recognition to those who donate funds or sponsor project development. This is a great opportunity for you help to support a worthy cause.

Note: This is not a tax deductible donation.



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